Hotel Cooking


Prepare a 3 course meal (entree, side, and dessert) using the hotel coffee pot and iron.

Coffee Pot Cooking Methods

Hot Water

Use hot water to rehydrate dehydrated foods (couscous, potato flakes, refried beans, ramen). (Rehydrate in the carafe or pour the water into another container.

Heat up cooked food in a bag.

Use hot water or oil or broth to poach fish or shrimp in the carafe.

Use hot water to heat up hotdogs in the carafe.


Put vegetables in the coffee basket and run the coffee cycle to steam the vegetables (or other steamable items).


Put a piece of foil on the heating element and grill items.

Coffee Pot Recipe Ideas


  • Oatmeal

  • Hard boiled eggs

Dinner Entree

  • Joe's Burritos (reheat bagged meat, rice, and beans in hot water)

  • Hot dogs (heat in hot water and then blister on griddle)

Dinner Side

  • Couscous with steamed vegetables


  • Chocolate Fondue

  • Truffles

  • Apples al la Mode (

Iron Recipe Ideas


  • Heat up precooked pancakes panini style

  • Bacon panini style

Dinner Entree

  • Panini Sandwich

  • Quesadilla

  • Breaded chicken cutlets (pre-cooked)

Dinner Side

  • ??


  • Phyllo dough packets with chocolate and banana

Do's and Do Nots

  • Do not put anything besides water in the water reservoir of the coffee maker.

  • Do not cook directly on the iron or the coffee maker griddle. Do use a pan or foil on top of the heating element instead.

  • Do not burn yourself with the iron. Do be careful.

  • Do not make a huge mess. You only have the bathroon sink to help with cleanup.

  • Do practice your recipes at home.