2023 Lake Buchanan

Dates: 27 May - 29 May


Saturday, 27 May

Arrive at Annex at 10:00 am

Leave to go grocery shopping at 11:00 am

Eat lunch on the way to Lake Buchanan (at a restaurant)

Arrive at Lake Buchanan at 4:00 pm and check into the campsite at Black Rock Park

Ali's training on how to capsize (?) and uncapsize a canoe

Sunday, 28 May

Canoe to Garret Island

Explore and eat lunch

Return to Black Rock Park

Monday, 29 May

Leave by 11:00 am

Eat lunch on the road

Youth Occupations:

Trip Leader- Keith

Medic- Azure

Weatherperson- Ali

Entertainer- Katy

Cooler Technician- James

Meal Plan:


Lunch- out to eat

Dinner- veggie lasagna


Breakfast- southern-style grits

Lunch- sandwiches (meat and cheese)

Dinner- fried rice and dumplings


Breakfast- breakfast tacos

Lunch- wraps