Lake Georgetown 2021

Quick Facts

Date: October 9-11, 2021

Trip Leader: Sam


Saturday the 9th

  • Leave annex at 2 pm

  • Arrive at Russell Park at 2:45 pm

  • Canoe to campsite at Jim Hogg

Sunday the 10th

  • Canoe from Jim Hogg to Walnut Springs camp

  • Explore

Monday the 11th

  • Canoe from Walnut to Russell Park

  • Leave from Russell Park and go to restaurant for lunch

  • Arrive at annex around 1-3 pm


Water Plan

  • everyone should be gallons of water for the nights/days at Walnut Springs

  • Jim Hogg will have water

Hammocking Allowed

Campfire Allowed


  • Medic - Abby

  • Fireman - Katy

  • Weatherman - Sam

  • Grubmaster

Meal Plan

Saturday the 9th

  • Lunch: bring your own

  • Dinner: Pizza delivery - group meal

Sunday the 10th

  • Breakfast: Dutch Oven - group meal

  • Lunch: bring your own backpacking lunch

  • Dinner: Dutch Oven - group meal - lasagna

  • Dessert: Adults will serve TBD

Monday the 11th

  • Breakfast: bring your backpacking breakfast

  • Lunch: restaurant out - bring $$

Canoe Equipment