Enchanted Rock

Fall 2021

Quick Facts

Date: September 10-12, 2021
Cost: $40 per person

Trip Leader: Drake

Trip Information

September 10-12, 2021
2 Campsites for 2 nights

  • $24 per person (Entrance fee)

  • $10 per person (Lodging)

  • $6 per person (Gas)

Estimated Total (per person) - $40

This means 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch (possibly 2, see Todo List below), 1 dinners.

Attendees (tentative)

  1. Drake

  2. Katy

  3. Abby

  4. Jill

  5. Steve

  6. Sabrina



Friday, September 10
Meet at Annex by 6:00 PM
Leave by 6:30
Come fed
Arrive at Enchanted Rock ~8:30 PM
Hike to campsite ~1 hour
Set up camp ~9:30 PM
Lights Out by 10:30

Saturday, September 11
Climb Enchanted Rock

Sunday, September 12
Wake up by 6:00
Hike out of campsite at 8:00 AM and arrive at parking lot at 9:30
Arrive at museum (Order tickets) ~10:00
Lunch at 12:00 PM
Leave museum at 1:00
Arrive at Annex at ~3:00



Kinda cold in the morning


Critical Water Shortage (From Enchanted Rock's Website):

July 1, 2021 - Due to ongoing drought, potable water is extremely limited. Restrooms may be closed, but portable toilets will be made available. While drinking water is available, please bring your own to help us conserve water during your next visit.

We encourage you to bring enough water for your visit. Bottled water will be available for sale at Park HQ, and in vending machines.

Todo List

  • Activity plan for Saturday

  • Which hiking trail to take

  • Car Plan

  • Meal groups/plan

  • Gear check date

  • Cost estimate

  • Appoint weather person & medic

  • Training for Dehydration & Overheating

  • Sunday lunch? (Tubby's?)

  • Paperwork