2021 Lake Georgetown

Quick Facts

Date: February 27-28th, 2021

Location: Sawyer Campsite, Lake Georgetown, Georgetown, TX

What: 1 Night Primitive Backpacking Trip

Trip Leader: Christina

COVID Precautions

In order to minimize risk for the trip I'd like the put in place the following precautions.

  1. Each attendee must fill out the Model COVID-19 Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist provided by BSA.

  2. Take temperatures prior to leaving for Enchanted Rock.

  3. Driving together in cars will be the place in which members are in the closest contact. As such we should consider the following:

    1. The park allows us to bring 6 cars. We could minimize contact by bringing as many cars as we can.

    2. Try to group people in cars which normally have contact with each other.

    3. Wear masks (and possibly double mask) and do not eat or drink in the cars.

  4. Minimize contact with others (e.g. quarantine yourself) prior to the trip.


Friday, February 12:

  • Time of Departure - 6 PM

  • Drive to Enchanted Rock State Park (~2 Hour Drive)

  • Time of Arrival - 8 PM

  • We will hike in the dark (about 1.5 miles)

Saturday, February 13:

  • Hiking and Other Stuff - More Information Soon

Sunday, February 14:

  • Time of Departure - TBD



  1. Christina

  2. Sabrina

  3. Jill

  4. Steve

  5. Luiza

  6. Sam

  7. Mariana

Not Attending :(

  1. Logan

  2. Ian

  3. Grant K.

  4. Rana

  5. Katy



  • First Aid - Marianna

  • Paperwork - Sam

  • Weather - Luiza

Notification Plan

Joe O'Neil -