Sam Houston National Forest

Quick Facts:

  • November 13th - 15th, 2020

  • Cagle Recreation Area, FM 1375 West, New Waverly, TX 77358

  • Trip Leader: Grant Dzurenko

Post Trip Updates

  • Photos:

  • Rose, bud, and thorns for Sam Houston

    • Logan: Rose, hiking and reading. Thorn, moving hammock and bugs. Bud, figure out a solution to the bug problem.

    • Brian: Thorn, the hike did not go anywhere or look nice. Rose, soggy tacos. Bud, more evening activities.

    • Jill: Thorn, legs covered in bug bites and humidity. Rose, great food and pretty lake. Bud, more Rayan and Karim cooking.

    • Sabrina: Thorn, forgetting sleeping pad and moving tent. Rose, great to hike and have fun. Bud, have Rayan and Karim come on more trips.

    • Rayan: Thorn, lady made him mad and he wore too small hiking shoes which led to holes. Bud, more nightly activities. Rose, Hike was really flat, no hard hills, and they figured out how to deal with the food situation.

    • Karim: Thorn, pitching tent in the middle of a root. Rose, after-hours music with Logan and Christina. Bud, Jill to go to bed later.

    • Christina: Rose, cooking lasagna with everyone and fishbowl. Thorn, the bathroom in the middle of the night mishap. Bud, bring better gear for warmth.

    • Grant: Rose, swimming with Katy and watching the sunset and three friends called him Saturday night. Thorn, little amount of sleep on Friday night. Bud, more trips with the crew.

    • Katy: Rose, swimming with Grant and hammocking for the first time. Thorn, Steve wasn’t there for Oreos and not sleeping on Friday night. Bud, getting more hammocking gear and hammocking more.

    • Monty: Rose, he had a tent and camped for the first time. Thorn, his door was left open. Bud, more tenting with the crew.

Notification Plan

  • Sam Douglas

  • Elyes and Mirna Benhamou


Friday, November 13:

  • Meet at annex at 5pm

  • Drive to Cagle Recreation Area (3 hour drive)

  • Arrive at campground at 8 pm. (sites 41 and 43)

  • Activity

    • ghost stories

Saturday, November 14th

  • Hike & camp

  • Section 2 - Lonestar Hiking Trail

Sunday, November 15th

  • Depart campground at noon.

  • Arrive at annex 3 pm.



  1. Jill D (adult)

  2. Grant Dz

  3. Logan

  4. Katy

  5. Christina

  6. Sabrina (adult)

  7. Brian (adult)

  8. Mikey

  9. Karim

  10. Rayan

  11. Rana (adult)

Not Attending

  1. Ian

  2. Sam

  3. Grant K

  4. Steve Dz

  5. Mariana

  6. Luiza


  • Jill's Honda Pilot: 6 people

  • Sabrina's Ford Fusion: 5 people

  • Possibly Brian's truck

  • Possibly Elyes' Suburban


Friday (nothing)


  • Group Breakfast - Benhamou

    • Oatmeal & Granola

  • Pack your own backpacking lunch

  • Group Dinner - Benhamou


  • Breakfast - Benhamou

  • Lunch - bring money for meal on the road


  • First Aid - Katy

  • Paperwork - Sam

  • Meal Planning - group

  • Weather - ??