Philmont Winter Camp

Post date: Nov 3, 2017 4:28:01 PM

Quick Facts

When: Spring Break (~3/10/2017 - 3/17/2017)

Where: Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, NM

What: Participants in Winter Adventure learn to camp comfortably in cold weather, and enjoy Philmont's beauty in a way few others have. Crews snowshoe to their camp, sleep in tents or snow shelters and participate in a variety of activities. Offerings include cross-country skiing, snow shelter building, and earning either Search and Rescue or Snow Sports merit badge. NO SNOW. Adding hiking to the itinerary.


To Do List

  1. Car plan - Jill
    1. Overnight plan - Lynna
    2. Travel meals - Rana
    3. Headcount - Evan
    4. Fill out gear survey - Grant
    5. Medical forms - Sabrina
    6. Gear shakedown - Grant
    7. Fitness tracking - Eron and Trystin


Saturday, March 10

  • 8 am: Depart from Wells Branch MUD annex, Austin, Texas
    • 6 pm: Arrive Jack Bryant Scout Center, 1615 Bellaire Street Amarillo, TX 79106

Sunday, March 11

  • 8 am: Depart Jack Bryant Scout Center
    • 2 pm: Arrive Philmont Scout Ranch, 47 Caballo Rd, Cimarron, NM 87714
    • 5 pm: Dinner
    • 6 pm: Gear Distribution

Monday, March 12th

  • Hike to Miranda Camp


Friday, March 16th

  • 10 am: Depart Philmont
  • 4 pm: Arrive Jack Bryant Scout Center, Amarillo, Texas

Saturday, March 17th

  • 8 am: Depart Jack Bryant Scout Center
  • 6 pm: Arrive at Wells Branch MUD annex, Austin, Texas


Driver #1: Jill Douglass - 2016 Honda Pilot (seats 8)

Driver #2: Steve Dzurenko - 2013 Ford Flex (seats 7)

We will draw from a hat to see who is in which car!


Camp Fees: $250

Lodging To and From: $10

Travel Meals: $10

Gas: $30

Total: $300

Travel Food

Saturday: March 10th

Lunch- Fruit kabobs, cheese and meat kabobs, and cookies(Anna)

Dinner- Pasta salad with grilled chicken on the side, grapes, oranges, and apples(Audrie (Sabrina bringing fruit))

Sunday: March 11th

Breakfast- bagels, cream cheese, nutella, grapes, and apples(Lynna)

Lunch- burrito: vegetarian refried beans, avocado, shredded cheese, salsa, tortillas, rice, and grilled cheese(all of these things will be placed into separate containers and everyone will put together their own burrito)(Trystin (Sabrina bringing cheese; Rana - salsa, Jill - tortillas))

Friday: March 16th

Lunch- Hummus w/ pita bread, cherry tomatoes, carrots, salami, celery, and apples(Rana)

Dinner- eat out

Saturday: March 17th

Breakfast- bagels, nutella, grapes, and strawberries (Evan)

Lunch- Slice bread, slice cheese, slice meat, peanut butter, apples, grapes, and cookies (Eron)

Packing List

If you don't have some of this equipment bring what you have to the meeting we have plenty to go around and we sort it all out there.



Rain cover for the pack (or waterproof liner below)

Unscented Trash Compactor bag for lining backpack


Sleeping bag/quilt

Waterproof bag for sleeping bag

Sleeping pad - closed cell foam or inflatable

Optional - pillow


Rugged trail runners or hiking boots

3 pairs hiking socks

Optional - Crocs or sandals for in camp wear


Base layer top and bottoms

Fleece or "Puffy" jacket

Stocking cap/ Fleece cap

Waterproof stuff sack for insulation items

Outer Layers

Rain suit - top and bottom



Personal first aid kit


Personal medication

Athletic tape

Antibiotic ointment

Ibuprofen, Benadryl

Shared cooking equipment

Lightweight pot

Backpacking Stove



1 pair long pants

Either pair of running shorts or second pair of pants

2 pair underwear

Long Sleeve Shirt

Short sleeve shirt

Waterproof stuff sack for clothing




Long handled spoon

Reflectrix Coozie for quart size food bag (or your winter hat)


Water bottle or Camelback water bladder


1 pair trekking poles

Headlamp with extra batteries

Personal first aid kit

Personal repair kit - duct tape, nylon ties, safety pins


50' paracord

Small hand sanitizer

Small sunscreen

Lip balm




Small roll toilet paper (or Pee Rag)

Plastic bag for used TP

Small multi-tool with a knife



Period Supplies

Optional - camera

Optional - watch

Philmont requires these items they may be repeated from the above list.

1 stocking cap

1 Facemask (balaclava)*

1 Scarf

1 pr glove liners (polypropylene)

2 pr polypropylene underwear tops

2 pr polypropylene underwear bottoms

2-3 pr polypropylene sock liners


Sunglasses* 100% UV protection

Pocket flashlight*


NO Blue Jeans or Carharts

Web Links

Philmont Winter Adventure

Jack Bryant Scout Center registration documents


Trip Report


Day 1: 3.41 miles - Miranda to Maxwell and back

Day 2: 6.76 miles - Miranda to Baldy Town

Day 3: 11.08 miles - Miranda to Head of Dean Fire Lookout

Day 4: 5.32 miles - Miranda to Black Horse Mine


Miranda Camp: 8,900 ft

Baldy Town: 9,850 ft

Head of Dean Fire Lookout: 8,750 ft

Black Horse Mine: 10,700 ft