Lake Georgetown Loop - 2017

Post date: Jan 15, 2017 6:44:50 PM

Date: February 18-20th, 2017

Where: Lake Georgetown Goodwater Loop Trail, Start at Cedar Breaks trailhead


Approximate cost is $7. Camping fees are $5 per person. Additional money will be needed for the breakfast and dinner meal provided by Logan. All other meals are provided by the individual hikers.


Trek Plan:

    • February 18
      • Meet at annex 6:45 am. Distribute group gear and food.
      • Drive to the Cedar Breaks Trailhead. Get on the trail by 8:15 am. Hike west along the trail to the Tejas Campsite.
      • Stay in campsites 11 & 12. ETA about 2:00 pm at Tejas Campground.
      • Approx. 10 miles.
    • February 19
      • Continue hiking along the Goodwater Trail to Jim Hogg campground. The route will cross over the San Gabriel river at the west end of the Tejas campsite, then continue east along the north side of Lake Georgetown.
      • Stay in campsite at 70 & 72. ETA about 2:00 pm at Jimm Hogg Campground.
      • Approx. 10 miles.
    • February 20
      • Break camp at Jim Hogg campground. Continue hiking on the Goodwater trail east to the dam. Cross over the dam and follow the trail back to the trailhead.
      • Approx. 7.5 miles. ETA 10:30 AM at Cedar Breaks Trailhead.
      • Optional debrief at Rudy's BBQ exit 254 in Round Rock.




Carry the gear you plan to take to Four Pass Loop. This includes personal and group gear. There might be a gear check on the trek.

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