Inks Lake State Park

Post date: Jan 26, 2015 2:11:02 AM

Who: Troop 1409 and Crew 1409

Where: Inks Lake State Park

When: March 27-29, 2015

What: Canoeing & Backpacking


What to pack!

Sleeping gear (tent (may be shared), pad, sleeping bag)

Mess kit (plate, spork, cup)

Cook Kit (stove & pot (may be shared)

Hygiene Kit (toothbrush, etc)

Food (easy to cook or no-cook food)

Water (3 liters)

May want to pack an extra set of clothes to leave in car in case you get wet during canoeing.



    • Jill Douglass (AH)

    • Rich Michelson (H)

    • Joseph O'Neil (HP)

    • Jennifer O'Neil (HP)

Scouts(S);Venturers(V);Consent form signed (C), Paid (P); Agreement for use of likeness (A);Health form (H)

    • Anna Dzurenko (ACHV)

    • Chris Reisling (VH)

    • Lynna Benhamou (VH)

    • Eric Reisling (SH)

    • Andrew Michelson (SVH)

    • Evan Jewett (SVH)

    • Logan O'Neil (HSP)

    • Evan Jewett (HSV)

    • Sean Johnston (HSV)


Friday March 27th

Depart from Wells Branch MUD Annex

Car #1 (Joe): Departs 4:00 pm

Car #2 (Marisa): Departs ??

Car #3 (Jill): meet at 4:45 pm

Wear your uniform.

Make sure you have 3 liters of water!

Eat before you leave OR stop in Burnet for a quick dinner.

Check in at Park headquarters to get parking permit.

Park at Pecan Flats Trail head parking log adjacent to headquarters.

Hike 1 mile to Pecan Flats campground. I anticipate claiming campsites 1 - 4.

Setup camp.

Cook hiking dessert!


Wake up at 7 am.

Cook breakfast.

Pack day pack with lunch and canoeing clothing!


Eat lunch on the trail.

Load into cars and head to State Park store to collect canoes.

3 pm: Attend canoe class and enjoy.

Fill water bottles, shower, etc.

Drive back to Pecan Flats trail head.

Hike back to campsite.

Cook dinner.


Wake up at 7 am.

Cook breakfast.

Leave campsite at 9 am to hike back to trail head.

Pile into cars and head to Fish Hatchery for tour.

Start Hatchery Tour at 10:30 am.

Lunch at the Hatchery

Pile into cars and head home at 12:30 pm.

Arrive at Annex at between 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm.

Fisheries Tour:

  • fish production

  • morphology (way more fun than it sounds!),

  • a fun hike up the Overlook Trail for a little geology and a great view!

  • and maybe some unproductive Master Casting (no fish, but accuracy matters!).


    • Jill Douglass: both ways

    • Joe O'Neil: both ways

    • Marisa Riseling - Friday

    • Rich Michelson - Sunday


Site A: "Girls Camp" - Jill, Anna, Lynna

Site B: "Adult Camp" - Jenn, Joseph, Rich

Site C: "Scout Camp" - Connor, Eric, Logan, Sean

Site D: "Boys Camp" - Chris, Andrew, Evan


Scouts must bring their own backpacking food for the following meals!

Friday: Dessert/Cracker Barrel









    • Camping ($10) + Canoeing ($10) + Misc* ($5) = $25

(*misc - camp fuel/gas)

To Do List:

    • Forms

      • Consent Forms

      • Health Forms

    • Packing

      • First Aid Kit

      • Roadside Emergency Kit

    • Meal Plan (who's buying, bringing, cooking)

    • Travel Plan

      • Car #1

        • Joseph O'Neil

        • Jennifer O'Neil

        • Logan O'Neil

      • Car #2

        • Marisa Riseling

        • Eric Riseling

        • Chris Riseling

        • Andrew Michelson

        • Connor Michelson

      • Car #3: meet at 4:45 at annex

        • Jill Douglass

        • Anna Dzurenko

        • Lynna Benhamou

        • Sean Johnston

        • Evan Jewett

    • Campsite Plan (who is camping at which site)


    • Activity Consent Form:

    • Use of Likeness Form: