Family Camp Out - McKinney Falls State Park

Post date: Aug 17, 2017 10:21:57 PM

Quick Facts:

  • Who: Venturers, friends, and family
    • Where: McKinney Falls State Park (5808 McKinney Falls Pkwy, Austin, TX 78744)
  • When: November 17-19th
  • What: Car camping fun!


Who is in charge of "build your own oatmeal"? Rana Benhamou

Who is in charge of lunch? Rayan and Karim Benhamou

Where are we meeting on Friday? McKinney Falls State Park

What time are we meeting on Friday? As soon as you can (Sabrina arriving early to claim campsites.)

Who is ordering the pizza? Eron Jewett

What's the cost of the pizza?

Paperwork person? Lynna Benhamou

Transportation? Covered

Campsites? Only need 3



    • Arrive at McKinney Falls at your convenience. (35 - 60 minute drive depending on traffic).
    • Text Jill @ 512-293-9022 to get your campsite assignments. (Sabrina is arriving early to claim our sites. We won't know what they are until Friday when she arrives at McKinney Falls.)
    • Eat pizza and banana surprise at campsite (Eron will be bringing the pizza)


    • 7:30 am: wakeup call
    • 8:00 am: yoga!
    • Make and eat DIY oatmeal
    • Hike or play campground games
    • 12:00 pm: eat lunch
    • Play bocci ball
    • 6:00pm: start cooking competition
    • 7:30pm: eat dinner
    • Play hide ‘n seek, flashlight tag, king of the hill


    • 7:30 am: wake up
    • 8:00 am: yoga
    • Make and eat DIY Oatmeal
    • Pack up

10-11am: leave and go back home



  • Dinner: pizza at scout house ($88.58) - Eron Jewett in charge
    • 2 pepperoni
    • 2 veggie
    • 2 cheese
  • Dessert: bananas surprise at campsite


  • Breakfast: build your own oatmeal - Karim & Rayan
  • Lunch: cold cut sandwiches and fruit - ??
  • Dinner: cooking competition


  • Breakfast: build your own oatmeal - Karim & Rayan

Financial Information

Campsites are $20 per night. The cost will be divided amongst the number of attendees. (~$7 per person)

Day Use Fees: $6 per person (collected at park entrance upon arrival) (maybe? I can't remember if you have a campsite reservation if you have to pay the day use fees.)

Food: will collect receipts after event to determine cost per person

After the event is complete, we'll collect money for costs incurred.


Cooking Contest - activity chair - Grant Dzurenko

    • Scouts on dinner will be judged by adults
    • Adults on Dessert will be judged by scouts
    • Grant will decide the teams and the food
    • Grant will also come up with rules.
    • Grant will buy mystery ingredients.
      • Jill will bring mystery ingredient for the scouts
    • Teams will buy other ingredients if they want them
    • Teams
      • Rana, Grant, and Andrew (Italian)
      • Ryan, Eron, and Lynna (Mexican)
      • Karim, Logan, and Evan (Asian)
      • Greg and Mirna (Pies/Cobblers)
      • Elyes and Jill (Cake)
      • Sabrina and Rich and Di (Anything else)



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