El Camino Real Paddling Trail

Post date: Sep 9, 2014 5:45:12 PM

Who: Crew 1409 and Troop 1409

What: Canoeing on the Colorado River

Where: Bastrop, Texas

When: November 14 - 16, 2014


Cost: $23 (excluding food)


Friday, November 14th

    • Meet at the annex at 5:30 pm to carpool. Wear your uniform!

    • Either eat along the way, eat before you arrive, or have something easy to prepare on site.

    • Drive to South Shore Park (375 South Shore Road, Bastrop, Texas) (arrive 6:30-ish).

    • Set up camp (in the dark)!

    • Camp Fire (7:30 ish) & Dessert (8 ish)!

Saturday, November 15th

    • 7 am: Get up and eat breakfast.

    • Leave by 9 am to travel to Fisherman's Park in Bastrop

    • Paddle, paddle, paddle, eat, paddle, paddle, paddle

    • 2 - 4 hours later, take out at Lost Pines Recreational Trails.

    • Return to South Shore Park.

    • Make rope for gateway.

    • Prepare dinner.

    • Camp Fire

      • Flag Retirement

      • Dessert!

      • Skits

    • Sleep!

Sunday, November 16th

    • Get up and eat breakfast.

    • Leave by 11 am to return to the annex.

What to pack!?

This campout is in November, so prepare for cold weather! Remember jackets, hats, gloves, and a warm sleeping bag. This is a car camping trip, so you are not limited on gear, BUT it all has to fit in our vehicles, so do not overpack.

Sleeping gear

Personal cooking gear

Personal food

Cold weather clothes (plus extra set in case you get wet)

You will be given a 2-gallon ziplock to store a spare set of clothes during the canoe trip. If you endeavor to keep dry, you won’t need them.



Dinner - either eat on the road or have something simple to prepare on site.

Dessert - Troop Patrols will provide dessert for the whole group.


Breakfast: Provided by Crew 1409

Lunch: Pack a cold lunch in a ziplock (or other water proof container) and water for eating either in the canoe or on the shore during the canoe trip.

Dinner: Scout’s choice (hot, cold, anything as long as they prepare it).

Dessert: Troop Patrols will provide dessert for the whole group.


Breakfast: Provided by Crew 1409

Troop Equipment

    • Dessert ingredients and preparation items

    • Wood

    • Flags for retirement ceremony

    • Twine / Rope making jig

    • 2 gal ziplock bags

Crew Equipment

    • Breakfast ingredients and preparation items

    • Car wash sponge

    • Bailer

    • Dry bag

Let us know if you need to check out camp stoves or kettles (or any other equipment!)..