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This coming July our crew sets out on a retreat to relax and have a weekend of fun and games before going to swamp base. On the retreat we will do a scavenger hunt incorporating navigational skills, a dinner cook-off (girls vs. Boys), and we will sit down to talk about things we can do to further better our crew. along with this we will sit back and enjoy a nice fire and talk about everything we are looking forward to our crew doing. Lastly we will be taking recruits who are interested in venturing and show them what crew 1409 is about.

When:  July 8-10, 2016
Who:  Crew 1409
Where: 8151 County road 278 Gustine Tx 76455
What:  Retreat, Navigational skills, Cooking
Cost:  TBD

  Name Car Health Form (A&B) Activity Consent Paid

Jill Douglass
Jill  n/a 
Anna Dzurenko
Rana Benhamou
Lynna Benhamou
Chris Riseling
Evan Jewett
Rich Michelson
Andrew Michelson
Logan O'neil
 10 Grant DzurenkoJill
 11Greg JewettGreg  n/a 


Not Attending:
  • Kristin
Meals for July 8:
  • Meet at the annex at 6:30 pm
  • pizza is for dinner
  • we are going to order 2 cheese, 2 veggie, and 3 pepperoni ( please let me know if that is too much pizza)
Meals for July 9:
  • Breakfast: pancakes, scrambled eggs, orange juice, and syrup
  • lunch: cold cut selection( turkey and ham), tuna, cheese, bread, chips fruit, ice tea, and lemonade
  • Dinner: cook off meals ( chili mac is our backup if the meals end up failing)
Meals for July 10:
  • Breakfast: biscuits, jelly, butter,gravy,scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice
  • Lunch leftover sandwich helpings from the previous day, ice tea, lemonade 
  • leave around 2pm
Snacks for the duration of the weekend:
  • oreos 
  • trail mix
  • fruit
Ingredients that we will need to for the retreat:
  • pancake mix - Jill
  • eggs
  • orange juice
  • syrup - Jill
  • cold cuts
  • tuna fish cans
  • mayo 
  • mustard
  • ranch
  • slice cheese
  • bread 
  • chips 
  • fruit( apples, strawberries, bananas,grapes)
  • ice tea - Jill
  • lemonade
  • vegetarian chili
  • mac and cheese
  • biscuits
  • jelly
  • butter
  • gravy
  • milk
  • bacon( any kind)
  • ingredients for cook off meals
  • chocolate bars( smores)
  • graham crackers( smores)
  • marshmallows(smores)
  • trail mix
  • oreos
* if anyone has these any of these ingredients and will let us use them for the retreat please let us know so that we won't have to buy them
* if any changes need to be made to the meal plan please let me know
* if anyone has any ideas for different snack ideas please let me know

Packing List:
  • toiletries/ shower essentials
  • personal towel for shower
  • pillow
  • blankets( optional)
  • light sweater( if you get cold)
  • close toed shoes
  • slippers/flip flops( for around the house)
  • two sets of workout clothes/ camping clothes( you want to be able to move freely during the stay)
  • whatever you need to bring for the activity that you are in charge of 
* during the day there will be a no cell phone rule
* everyone who is on charge of an activity please name sure that you come prepared

Goals for the retreat:
  • become closer as a crew
  • work on navigation and fire building skills
  • learn how to cook something fun
  • work on what we want to do for the upcoming year

Members attending:
  • Anna
  • Grant
  • Evan
  • Andrew
  • Chris
  • Logan
  • Lynna
  • Rana
  • Rich
  • Jill
  • Greg
Pizza Order:
  • 2 veggie, 2 cheese, 2 pepperoni
~ Marissa can you please pick up the pizza for the crew?

Time: meet at annex at 6:30 pm

Car Assignments:

Jill: Twilight crew and Grant

Greg: Chris, Evan, Logan

Rich: ???

  • High- 100
  • Low- 75
  • we used insta cart to buy the food
  • if you are in charge of bringing food items please bring them
  • Evan and Greg you might not be able to eat the lunch that we planned so please bring extra food( lunch is sliced meat or tuna)
  • Signed activity consent form
  • mosquito repellent and anything to protect against chiggers
  • Swamp Base clothes to spray 

Swamp Base:
  • Next meeting is an equipment shakedown so bring all equipment that you are taking to swamp base
Fun Event:
  • Next thursday at 6pm Jill is having a honey extraction at the annex- help and spectators are welcomed
Jill Douglass,
Jul 5, 2016, 11:22 AM