Colorado River 2017

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This is a 30 mile, 3 day, 2 night trip on the water through some beautiful limestone canyons in the Hill Country.

Trip Leaders

  • Anna Dzurenko:  meal plan & float plan
  • Lynna Benhamou:  paper work and shakedown/packing list

To Do List

  • Paperwork
  • Meal Plan
  • Packing List
  • Shakedown:  April 23rd
  • Car Plan
  • Canoe Plan


  • Break Down
    • Canoe Rental:  $10 per person for the weekend
    • Food:  ~$20 (this is an estimate for groceries scouts will purchase themselves)
    • Day Use Fee at Colorado Bend State Park for those driving in on Monday:  $5
    • Celebration Lunch at Storm's:  ~$10 (highly variable, basic burger is $3)
  • Check
    • Each person should bring a check for $12 (made out to Crew 1409) to cover canoe rental fee and day use fees for drivers.  

Canoe Plan

Lynna will be joining us Saturday night.  

Canoe #1:  Jill & Steve

Canoe #2:  Joe & Logan

Canoe #3:  Lynna/Grant & Chris

Canoe #4:  Noah & Anna

Canoe #5:  Ethan & Kristin

Canoe #6:  Owen & Andrew

Canoe #7:  Rana & Alvin & Grant


  Person    Swim Test Health Forms
 1 Logan pass   n/a
 2 Joe pass  n/a 
 3 Andrew pass   n/a
 4 Lynna pass   n/a
 5 Rana pass   n/a
 6 Anna pass   n/a
 7 Jill pass  n/a Yes
 8 Grant pass   n/a
 9 Steve pass  n/a Yes
 10 Kristen pass   n/a
 11 Noah pass   n/a
 12 Owen pass   n/a
 13 Ethan pass   n/a
 14 Alvin pass   n/a
 15 Chris pass   n/a

Required Safety Training

Safe Swim Defense:  Jill Douglass, Steve Dzurenko
Safety Afloat:  Steve Dzurenko
Weather Hazards:  Steve Dzurenko


May 27-29, 2017


  • Eat breakfast before we meet or in the car.
  • Meet at the annex at 6 am.
  • Drive to US190 and the Colorado River (31°13'6.13"N  98°33'53.25"W) (88 miles).
  • The trek will start on the west bank of the Colorado River where US 190 crosses the river.
  • On Saturday we'll canoe down the river and spend the night on an island (probably Gravel Bar #3 (see map))


  • Sunday the trek will continue down river to Gravel Bar #6. 


  • We'll canoe down to Colorado Bend State Park on Monday and should arrive early afternoon. The coordinates for Colorado Bend SP are  31° 1'5.82"N  98°26'48.53"W. 
  • We will plan to stop at Storm's in Lampasas for a cheeseburger. Individual's will need to bring about $12 for the meal. 
  • Drive back to annex.

Packing List


  • 20 liter Dry Bags (2-3)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Waterproof bag for sleeping bag

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Trowel

Group Gear:

  • Pocket Rocket (similar backpacking cooking stove)

  • Fuel

  • Small pot

  • Tent

  • Rain fly for tent

  • Ground cover for tent

Optional Luxuries:

  • Pillow

  • Canoe Seat

  • Measuring Cups

  • Bowls/Plates/etc.


Nobody wants to Check:

  • Underwears (4ish)

  • Sports &/or Regular Bras (If needed)

Base Layers:

  • 2-3 long sleeves (quick dry or wicking)

  • Waterproof stuff sack for clothing

  • 1 pair of warm pants, sweats... (quick dry)

Actual Clothing:

  • 2-4 Short sleeve shirts (quick dry or wicking)

  • 1-3 pairs of QUICK DRY shorts/ convertible pants or another pair of pants

  • 1-2 swimsuits (1 piece for girls and swim shorts for guys)

  • Rain suit (top and bottom-- Frogg toggs)

  • Waterproof stuff sack for clothing

  • Paddling Gloves (optional)


“Civilian clothing” for ride home:

  • 1 DRY shirt

  • 1 DRY pair of pants/shorts

  • 1 pair of FRESH underwear

  • 1 bra (if applicable)


  • Water shoes/ “wet shoes” (opened toed are acceptable)

  • Tennis shoes/ “dry shoes”

  • 1-3 pairs of socks (bring as many as applicable)

  • Crocs or sandals for in camp wear (Optional)



  • Utensils (Spoons, forks, etc.)

  • Cup

  • Reflectix coozie/ winter hat to “cook” food


  • 3-7 liter capacity Water bottle or camelback water bladder


  • Pocket knife/ multi-tool

  • Sunscreen (for face AND body)

  • Insect repellant

  • Hat (Visors not recommended-- Wide-rim recommended)

  • Flashlight/Headlamp (w/ extra batteries)

  • Lighters

  • 50’ Paracord

  • 1-2 Quick Dry Towels

  • Bandana/ Small hand towel

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  • Sunglasses w/ lanyard

  • Map/ Compass

  • Biodegradable Soap

  • Small roll of Toilet Paper &/or pee rag

  • Personal Repair Kit (Duct tape, nylon ties, safety pins)

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Hair Brush/ Comb

  • Baby powder or Gold Bond (to cut down on chafing)

  • Carabiners for securing gear

  • Deodorant

Personal First Aid Kit:

  • Band-Aids

  • Personal Medication

  • Athletic Tape

  • Antibiotic Ointment (neosporin, etc.)

  • Ibuprofen, benadryl

  • INHALER/ EPI-PEN (if necessary)

Optional Luxuries:

  • Camera/ Watch

  • Chapstick



  • Food:  ~$20 (this is an estimate for groceries scouts will purchase themselves)
  • Sample Meal Plan

Car Plan

To Drop Off Point

Jen and Steve will return to Austin/Georgetown after dropping off paddlers.  Rich and Di will take the truck to Colorado Bend State Park.  
 Car #1 Car #2 Car #3 Car #4
 Jill Jen (return driver) Steve (return driver) Rich
 Steve Joe Noah Di
 Anna Logan Owen Andrew
 Grant Kristen Chris 
 Rana  Alvin 

From Take Out

 Car #1 Car #2 Car #3
 Jill Jen (pickup driver) Steve (pickup driver)
 Steve Joe Noah
 Anna Logan Owen
 Andrew Lynna Chris
 Rana Kristen Alvin

Map / Float Plan

 Way Point   Distance (miles) Cumulative Distance Notes
 Put In 0 0Public access on west side of bridge.
 Gravel Bar #1 3.4 3.4 
 Gravel Bar #25.5 8.9 
 Gravel Bar #3 2.6 11.5Saturday night 
Emergency take out available on private property just north of the gravel bar.  High ground with trees available.  Landing on the left hand side of the island (facing downstream) and on the very upstream end of the island.  No landing available on right hand side.
 Gravel Bar #4 4.4 15.9Bridge crossing at Bend, TX.   No public access, but available for emergency take out.  
 Gravel Bar #5 3.4 19.3 
 Gravel Bar #6
(Island of Rock and Cactus)
 1.9 21.2Sunday night 
Along the river across from Sulpher Springs Campground.  Best landing appeared to be on the right hand side.  Very steep though.  Camping on downriver end on the left side.  Very high & covered with trees.  Nice camping.  Could be used for a take out.
 Gravel Bar #7 3.7 24.9Last gravel bar before take out. 
 Take Out 6.5 31.4 

River Info

Here is a link for the current river flows - - find the entry for the Colorado River at Bend. 
We will not go if the predicted readings exceed 1500 cfs.

All persons going on the trip must have a current BSA Swim Test.


Canoe Rental Confirmation# 436 535 (paid for by phone with Misty Hale)

The Aftermath

  • Photos:
  • Waterfilters:  We took 4 water filters and needed ALL of them because the dirty Colorado River water caused them to clog very quickly to render them either difficult or useless.  Make sure you have enough water filtering capability!!
  • Hydrograph:

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