2018 Summer Road Trip

posted Jan 16, 2018, 8:50 AM by Jill Douglass   [ updated Jun 27, 2018, 12:57 PM ]

Quick Facts

June 16th-24th
Austin-> Roswell, NM -> Coconino National Forest, AZ -> White Sands, NM -> Austin


If your name has a question mark by it, please respond to this email and let me know whether or not you can come

  1. Andrew
  2. Lynna
  3. Rana
  4. Elyes
  5. Jill
  6. Grant
  7. Anna
  8. Sabrina
  9. Audrie?


Paperwork:  Grant
Reservations:  Anna
Food:  Rana
Backpacking:  ??
Gear Shakedown:  Lynna
Permits:  Andrew
Transportation:  Andrew

Cars and Drivers

Jill and the Black Beast (Honda Pilot) - seats 8
Elyes and Lady Urbanina - seats 7



Day 1 (06/16):

  • Mileage: 0 -> 510 Miles

  • Depart: 6:30 am MUD Annex, Austin 78728

  • Arrive: 4:00 pm, Bottomless Lake State Park, Roswell, NM 88201

  • Meals

    • Breakfast: come fed
    • Lunch: Fruit, cheese, and deli meat kabobs - ate at park along the way
    • Dinner: chicken, bean, and cheese burritos - ate at Bottomless Lake State Park
  • Activities

    • Swimming
    • Telescope
    • Short Hikes
    • Synchronized swimming
  • Comments
    • Very windy, some rain during the night
    • Saw Venus and Jupiter and moon
    • Loud partying neighbors
    • Last night with running water (e.g. shower)

Day 2 (06/17):

  • Mileage: 510 -> 928 Miles

  • Depart: 8:30 am Bottomless Lake State Park

  • Arrive 9 am UFO Museum Roswell

  • Arrive 5 pm Petrified Forest National Park

  • Meals

  • Dinner: Yibin Chinese Stir Fry with fried Tofu
    Breakfast: Fiest Omelet and fruit
    Lunch: Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, pickles, fruit
  • Activities

    Camped in the Painted Desert
    Cooked food at the headquarters after hours

Day 3 (06/18):

  • Petrified Forest National Park to Coconino National Forest

  • We’ll visit…

    • Meteor Crater

    • Painted Desert?

  • To-do

    • Camping area near Kachina Peaks Wilderness or hotel/motel?

    • Do we want to visit the Painted Desert and go 1 hour out of our way?

Day 4 (06/19):

  • Check out the Flagstaff area of Coconino

    • Kachina Peaks Wilderness

      • Humphrey’s Peak

        • Weatherford trail (8.7 miles one-way)

        • Humphrey’s trail (5-5.5 miles one-way)

Day 5 (06/20):

  • Check out the Flagstaff area of Coconino

    • Lava River Cave (1 mile)

    • Sycamore Wilderness

      • Parson’s Trail #144

  • To-do

    • Camping area at Sycamore Wilderness

Day 6 (06/21):

  • Check out the Red Rock area of Coconino

    • AB young trail (2.4 miles w/ 33 switchbacks one-way)

    • Devil’s Bridge (1.6 miles round-trip)

    • Lots of really good trails to check out

  • To-do

    • Camping area in the Red Rock area

Day 7 (06/22):

  • Check out the Mogollon Rim area of Coconino

    • There’s different trails throughout the Cabin Loop system

  • To-do

    • Camping area at Mogollon Rim

    • Food Plan

Day 8 (06/23):

  • Mogollon rim to Alamogordo KOA

  • We’ll visit…

    • Saguaro National Park (lunch stop)

    • White Sands National Monument

  • To-do

    • Make reservations at the Alamogordo KOA

    • Figure out if there’s a fee to enter Saguaro National Park

Day 9 (06/24):

  • Alamogordo KOA to Austin


Summer Road Trip Meal Plan

Non-Perishable Grocery List

Packing List

Below is the link for a 3 Day Backpacking List.  I think it's a good list for the trip because:
  • it includes all the important stuff
  • it's compact (we only have so much room to store stuff in the cars)
  • it will allow us to go backpacking should we choose to do so.

Additional items I would add:
  • bathing suit
  • camp chair


 Location What Price Notes
 Roswell, NM UFO Museum $2-$5 
  Space Walk $2 
 Bottomless Lake State Park     Overnight camping for Roswell $18/night per site 7 people per site (21 miles east of Roswell)
 Snowy River Cave (BLM) Overnight camping for Roswell free or $5 no electricity or water (70 miles east of Roswell)
$5 per campsite if you want water
 Petrified Forest National Park Backcountry camping
 free group permit is limited  to 8
We CAN'T camp here!
Nearby camping
  • Homolovi State Park (51 miles west) ($25/night 12 people)
  • Quaking Aspen (90.3 miles east) ($5/night per site) 
  • KOA camping in Holbrook (24 miles) ($38/night per site - will need 2 sites)
  Entrance Fee $20/car good for 7 days
 Meteor Crater     $18 for adult / $9 for under 18 
 Pine Flat Campground    Camping Sedona Area $22/site 8 people per site - need to book SOON
 Dispersed Camping Free Camping Sedona Area  
 Fort Tuthill     Camping Sedona Area $22/site 8 people per site
 White Sands National Monument  Entrance Fee $5 16 y/o and older (4 adults free with park pass)
  Backcountry camping $3 person 
 Saguaro National Park  Entrance Fee $15/car     good for 7 days

National Park Pass:  Each pass covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees (day use fees) at national forests and grasslands, and at lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A pass covers entrance, standard amenity fees and day use fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle fee areas (or up to four adults at sites that charge per person). Children age 15 or under are admitted free.

Road Trip Movies

The Straight Story
College Road Trip
The Muppet Movie
Are We There Yet
Brother Where Art Thou?
Sure Thing
Smokey and Bandit
Cannonball Run
Wild Hogs


Expenses Worksheet

Crew Money